Pretty Please With A…


Hi Everyone, I have a favor to ask: I’ve made a quick “survey” (five minutes, tops) of sorts for a class project and now I need some people to take it and give me their feedback.

The survey is really just a series of images that I ask you to write down your reactions to (for yourself). For those of you who have a few extra additional minutes, there is a link to a further survey on another website at the end of my survey which ties in to mine.

So: I need some people to take the survey, which can be found here or here and send me some feedback or thoughts, either on the Facebook page I’ve created for it, or by emailing them to me at

Your participation would really help me out, so thanks in advance for those of you who take a couple of minutes to participate!

About Katie Heimer

I'm a graduate student of media studies at the New School. My main academic interests in the field center around issues of women in the media (both in terms of representations of and access to) and the overlapping issues of media reform and education. This website will serve as a chronicle of my progress and growth, both intellectually and personally, as I navigate my master's of media studies.
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