Quantum of Silverman


A little addition to my earlier post (“Quantum of Bias“) about sexism in the new James Bond movie–the latest issue (December 2008) of Harper’s Bazaar magazine features a photo shoot entitled “Bond. Jane Bond.” In which Sarah Silverman plays the role of Bond in a sort of tongue in cheek spoof of the archetype. I don’t want to make any arguments that this subverts any of the stereotypes I discussed in my original post or changes the discourse in any meaningful way–I don’t think it does. More than anything, it’s just silly. On some level I think the argument could be made that spoofing the archetype with Silverman as Bond highlights the strong element of the ridiculous inherent in the Bond movies. But I don’t think I’m even willing to go that far. After all, I definitely don’t think Harper’s Bazaar tends to operate on the level of subversive social/cultural commentary when conceiving ideas for fashion spreads. But in any case, you can look at the photos here.

About Katie Heimer

I'm a graduate student of media studies at the New School. My main academic interests in the field center around issues of women in the media (both in terms of representations of and access to) and the overlapping issues of media reform and education. This website will serve as a chronicle of my progress and growth, both intellectually and personally, as I navigate my master's of media studies.
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