Brick Collage


I started this blog to coincide with my master’s degree studies in media studies and, in choosing the name “Bricolage” for it’s title, I implied my intention to incorporate a diverse range of topics, ideas, media, and thoughts. So far, I realize, I’ve been primarily focusing on women’s issues, particularly issues of women in the media. While this is a main interest for me and one of the focuses I hope to bring to my graduate studies, and to this blog, I do intend and hope to broaden this forum to include many other things. This week, and probably for the next few weeks, though, I’m incredibly busy with school work and haven’t had the time or creativity to find or write about a broad range of issues. I enjoy writing about women’s issues and so I’ve been going with that. And I’ll certainly continue to do so. But, I’m also looking forward to eventually making this more of a proper “bricolage”–a thing constructed, somewhat haphazardly, from a variety of diverse sources, using multiple methods, dictated by what is available and what can be made to work, even in unexpected, new ways.

Anyway, carry on.


About Katie Heimer

I'm a graduate student of media studies at the New School. My main academic interests in the field center around issues of women in the media (both in terms of representations of and access to) and the overlapping issues of media reform and education. This website will serve as a chronicle of my progress and growth, both intellectually and personally, as I navigate my master's of media studies.
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