Target: Sarah Haskins


I love Sarah Haskins. Not the Olympian and triathlete who apparently shares that name and made it a little difficult to find an image for this post that didn’t involve a spandex body suit and lots of sweat. No, I’m talking about the brilliant woman behind Target Women, a regular segment appearing on Current TV’s InfoMania. In her brief segments, Haskins pokes fun at topics like, “chick flicks“, Sarah Palin, Disney Princesses, and botox as well as looking at the silly side of various advertising trends aimed at women, such as yogurt ads, car ads, birth control ads and ads for cleaning products.

Haskins provides running commentary, producing such simultaneously hilarious and brutally accurate asides as this, from the botox segment:

Sarah Haskins: “The women in these ads are so smooth and sophisticated, they don’t even use the word ‘wrinkles’.”

Woman in a botox ad: (gesturing to the corners of her mouth where laugh lines usually appear) “Parentheses have a place, but not on your face”

Sarah Haskins: (cupping her hands into the shape of parentheses around her mouth) “It’s like I’ve been walking around saying ‘don’t listen to me–I’m a form of punctuation that signifies an aside’.”

It’s hard to describe just how clever, intelligent, and dead-on accurate this woman is–you’ve just got to watch her for yourself. A complete listing of her segments is available here, and more are added all the time.


About Katie Heimer

I'm a graduate student of media studies at the New School. My main academic interests in the field center around issues of women in the media (both in terms of representations of and access to) and the overlapping issues of media reform and education. This website will serve as a chronicle of my progress and growth, both intellectually and personally, as I navigate my master's of media studies.
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3 Responses to Target: Sarah Haskins

  1. Jenn says:

    Loved Sarah Haskins ever since you set her loose on me! I’ve been watching Target Women on youtube- came accross this little gem:

  2. Katie Heimer says:

    Haha, that is bizarre/amazing…

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